Sprig Oral Health Technologies EZ-Crowns (formerly “EZ-Pedo”): All Ceramic Crowns for primary teeth

Until just recently pre-formed ceramic crowns for primary molars were not available in Australia. Some companies had manufactured so called “white crowns” but the long-term success had been poor with many of them chipping. The “Therapeutic Goods Authority” gave permission for Sprig Oral Health Technologies EZ-Crowns(formally EZ-Pedo) to be sold and used in Australia in late 2013.

We are pleased to be among one of the first dental practices in Australia to be able to offer these crowns to our paediatric patients. Dr Foster was the first Australian Dentist to complete the training in the USA with the Sprig Oral health Technologies Company in 2014. He has presented his results both locally and overseas. Mark is now involved in the training of dentists who wish to incorporate the Sprig's EZ-Crowns  into their practice. He has trained dentists in Australia, Europe and the USA.

EZ-Crowns have been used in the USA since 2007 with excellent results.

Stainless steel crown have been the benchmark for the restoration of heavily decayed primary molars. Unfortunately, in certain circumstances their appearance can be poor. They will continue to be the treatment of choice in many clinical cases. However, in certain clinical situations an all-ceramic EZ-Crowns may not be able to be placed.

Sprig's crowns are made of solid zirconia which is one of the strongest ceramics available. They have excellent strength and their shape and colour combine to give them superior esthetics.

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